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App Review: Coffee Meets Bagel

Meeting people: one at a time.

Coffee meets bagel is a throwback to when you actually met guys like in real life: one on one! It's actually a nice concept because it's not overwhelming. Everybody hates being on OKC or another app and getting spammed by tons of potential dates who take the "shotgun approach".
Coffee meets bagel will show you one match per day. If you connect with that match, it allows you to chat. I love the chat on this app because it's fast and not laggy. You can swipe between your "matches" and your "history", or basically anyone the app has shown you, whether you matched or not. 
A great thing about this app is the time-limitation. You have 24 hours to like the bagel before you're not able to like it anymore and presented a new match. This time constraint limits your matches to only active users, as non-active users will simply keep getting rematched when the don't respond to the 24 hour time prompt. It's nice to know that the people that you're matching with are actually active on the app. 
There is also the "give and take" option, where you gain "beans" if you play matchmaker with your friends. For example, you can "give" a bagel to your friends, thereby referring them to the app. In order for your friend to match with the bagel, they have to sign up for the app. This is a kind of forced vitality. 
Why gain beans? Well, there is a "bean shop", and the "beans" allow you to access more features. However, I don't know what those features are, and I don't really understand the value proposition there. 
Suggestion: explain what features beans can buy, this will drive up the number of members who want to purchase beans and premium features.
Overall, I'd give this app a 6/10, the reason is that the features need to be better explained. Why would I want to buy a premium product if I don't understand it? 
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