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App Review: Happn

The best "uncreepy" dating app out there.

Happn is an app where you can meet people you cross paths with during the week. Thus, Happn uses your geolocate data, and whenever you pass another Happn user (of the same sex or of the opposite sex depending on your preferences), you will be asked if you dig them or not. 
The app allows the user to sign in using Facebook, and thus uses Facebook pictures for the user's dating profile. I was not a huge fan of this, but luckily, you can change the profile picture by clicking on the top left of the screen, which will display a sidebar. If your Facebook photos are silly or don't present you the way you want, you can upload photos from your phone. One problem with this is that the photos don't refresh very quickly, so you have to wait for your new  photos to actually display. 
In this sidebar, you can also edit your preferences: what gender you're looking for, age preferences, and notification preferences. Happn notifies you of matches with a weird "swishing" sound on your phone, something that I'm not really a big fan of either. I would prefer a cleaner, simpler sound for Happn notifications. 
When you're deciding whether to "crush" on a user, you can swipe through a carousel of their photos. Happn allows users to have 7 photos maximum on their profile. One thing I'd love to see happen (haha!) is if Happn had some feature functionality of how to decide the best photo, like OkCupid's "My Best Face" feature. Perhaps happn could even add something as simple as a screen detailing what makes a good photo. 
Happn is one of the better dating apps I've tried. It's not overwhelming like OkCupid, and it doesn't have a reputation for "hookups" like some other apps. I've actually gone on two dates through Happn, and both were high quality people. 
A great thing about Happn's value proposition is this: in San Francisco, I'd prefer to date someone who lives near me. I'm not taking MUNI 40 minutes to see someone, it's too much investment. Happn allows you to match with people who you've seen around, which makes it simple to find out who lives in your neighborhood. The convenience factor is paramount. 
I would give Happn 7/10 for the app, but compared to other dating apps, I would say they are one of the top (some others are awful). They lost points for not having functions that, if implemented, would make their app simpler and better. I'd recommend it, but I think they could definitely add some features to improve. 
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