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App Review: Pacifica

The anxiety solution!

Have you ever felt like there are too many apps out there that grab our attention by blinking, sending messages, and sounds? I certainly do. Pacifica, however, is not one of those apps. It's an app that helps you relax, that reminds you to take time out of your day to contemplate. It's the simplest way to meditate and I love it! 
If you've had difficulty "journaling" your feelings as I have, you might find this app convenient. With the press of a button, you can mark how you're feeling and have a baseline for self-reflection. I like the app because it can integrate with your health data as well, making it the "full package" in terms of overall wellness. Because I can integrate the app with "health" (IOS), I can not only track my overall body indicators but can also track my feelings throughout the week. 
Upon opening the app, you have a few buttons that you can click. In fact, there are exactly 4. "Mood", which shows a circular map where you can touch to map your moods. "Relax, which is the button that you can touch to do your daily meditation; "Experiments", which allows you to try different things to reduce anxiety, and "Feelings", which is a journal function.
Something else I'd like to add about the user interface is the simplicity of the buttons. I love simple, transparent design. This app has clean interfaces down. Absolutely one of the best apps I have ever used. I've never done this before, but I'll give it 10/10. Flawless. I tested every function and couldn't find a single thing wrong (as of yet). 
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