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App Review: Tooz

Turn it on, get matches NOW!

The one pain point with other apps is that you get quite a few matches, but never actually meet up with anyone. That's because scheduling is a pain in the butt. One guy can meet you tuesday, but that's when your friends birthday is. One guy can meet friday night, but you're already going to a concert. What to do? 
Tooz is an app you have to "turn on" to be available to date. The value proposition of the app is to meet people who are also available NOW. If you're not flipped to "available", this prompt will show up:
It makes sense, but I have to say, I think it could be more obvious where the switch to become "available" is. At the bottom, there is a bar called "meet now" that is greyed out if you're not available. In order to become available, you have to click the bar, and click yes on the prompt. You can also change your availability by clicking on the sidebar. I just think the "available" switch needs a bit more attention. It wasn't obvious to me where to turn it on, especially from the "your profile" page. 
Looking on the sidebar, it's exactly like what you would expect from other apps. You can change your picture & profile text by clicking your name. You can match from the "home" screen. You can check your messages under "connections", you can share tooz by clicking "share tooz", which brings up a prompt to email, text, twitter, or Facebook. Under "settings", you can change your discovery preferences by using a slider to determine how many miles away you're looking. You can also change your age preferences and whether you're looking for males, females, or both. In addition, you can change your notification preferences. You can be notified for new matches, or messages, or both. 
In the "contact us" option under settings, you can contact the company, which will open an email automatically in the mail app. 
Overall, I like the idea and value proposition of the app. The user base is a little bit weak, it appears there aren't many users, but this could change with good marketing. For features, I would give the app a 7/10. I'd love to see more options for profile customization. In addition, what if I wanted to locate users in another area? 
Another thing I have questions about is the 22 minute limit to respond to matches. Why is this the timeframe? Is this something that is being tested? Why isn't it 20 minutes? Or 30? You have to make sure you are going to be online in the app for the next 22 minutes, or it cancels the meeting request. I understand that, but I don't understand the reasoning for the 22 minute time constraint. What would happen if the constraint was an hour? What would happen if the constraint changed with different days? Or the user could change the constraint? Perhaps a user only has 15 minutes, could they change the constraint to fit their time needs? 
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