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App Review: Weave

The app for career matchmaking.

Weave is an app made for professional networking. It uses your LinkedIn connections to connect you with people nearby in your industry. Like Tinder, swipe right to "match" with these connections and message them. However, the matches expire every 36 hours, so if you don't message them by then, they disappear. 
The UI for weave is similar to an interface that I'm sure you've used before: tinder. However, in this interface, you can see the user's name, job title, and a short biography, in addition to any friends you may have in common. The user interface is simple, clean, and easy to use. 
The "networking rooms" are easy to miss. In order to access these rooms, you click on the arrow next to "general networking", and can enter a room for "Fundraising", "Hiring", or another type of theme. There are also "private" rooms that require an access code, but I have not yet been able to use that functionality. 
I wish the networking rooms were somehow better advertised. It's a good idea but I'm not sure how aware users are of these rooms. 
In addition, when you match with a user, the matches "expire" after 36 hours. I'd hazard to say that 36 hours isn't enough time for me to manually enter the leads in my phone or email and make sure that each of them gets a follow-up meeting invite. On that note, I wish there was some feature that could integrate this with GCalendar or perhaps a user would be able to send calendar invitations directly from the app. This would take some of the pain out of trying to coordinate the meetup times with my weave matches.
Additionally, I'd love to see a type of user face. When a user wants to meet, a prompt could pop up and help the two weavers agree on a time. Just some food for thought. 
I've gone on several weave meetups, each one has provided value. The best connections to me are other mobile marketers, because we immediately have something to talk about. The best connections are ones that "click". I've also met EIR's from famous startups, VC's, and many other young people who are just looking to get out there and meet other people. 
Overall, I'd give this app an 8/10. It has a pretty clean UI but some of the features could be better implemented. I'd recommend a download, because the app has brought a lot of value, and could be a great tool for leadgen or even general networking.
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